Noah Howell, Andrew McLean, Courtney Phillips and I are headed into the Revelation Mountains on Monday. Due to notoriously bad summer weather and also being a long bush flight from anyplace you and I have heard of, the range has gone relatively unexplored in the 40 years since David Roberts first tagged a few peaks in the area.

The plan is to fly into the Revelations where we’ll mostly base camp, perhaps moving a few times, for about two weeks.  Since the area is relatively unexplored it’s hard to plan for specific objectives so we’re packing an array of technical gear and hoping for weather that allows us to plan as we go.  When we’ve had enough we’ll, in theory, ski down the Revelation glacier, cross a few braids of the Big River, then ‘shwack to bush pilot Rob’s hunting camp before flying back to Anchorage.

Currently, my biggest concern is the quantity of TVP that Andrew packed.  I didn’t see a Beano ration on that list…

Andrew is bringing his SPOT and will send periodic “okay” messages tagged with the location from where the message was sent. Bookmark this page or check back here to follow along.


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