“I scouted out a new ridge ride,” said Tom. Upon hiking our bikes to the top of the little summit, I asked “So, where’s this trail?” “Oh. There’s no trail. It’s just a ridge ride,” said Tom. Uh huh…


Tom rolling talus field

20130918-00026 20130918-00042
“Those aren’t baby head rocks. Those are babies.” said Allison when she saw this pic.
20130918-00057 20130918-00115

Grassy ridge rolling

20130918-00213 20130918-00221 20130918-00225 20130918-00238


Disclaimer: This is private property that’s posted as open to the public. We were “riding at our own risk” but not tresspassing nor breaking any laws. The land is used by snowmobiles in the winter and isnt anywhere near Wilderness-designated land. We were not “riding in” a new trail. May the gods of mountain bike trail access have mercy on our 5.10 soles.