Half the group reloaded the ski rack and headed back to the Land of the Free, Home of the Whopper.

The rest of us headed to Brule, AB for a little R&R.

The value of college in Missoula right here folks.

0.7 from perfection.

You should see their mascot, eh?

After scrapping plans for a more committing traverse then scrapping plans for corn harvest in MT we chased a few days of high pressure to
Mt Robson and surrounding peaks.

a la “Welcome to Super, Natural British Columbia” sign just down the 16.  What do you mean you forgot the ghost spray on the kitchen countertop?

Mt Robson 10,000 feet up from here.  Resplendent only 8000’ away, but 20 miles to it’s skiable side.

Emperor facking Face

Luxurious beds also worked well for cooking and eating

Early start the next morning in hopes of skiing Resplendent.  The weather above Robson was indecisively variable. Robson glacier in the foreground.


Robson’s Kain face above Grant and Ryan.  Looked super.  Prior to departing I was outvoted in the “Well, I think we should bring crampons and a couple pickets just in case it seems good to go” debate. Ce la vie.

Mad yodel skillz

If you’re not trying to find a line through the icefalls to the Kain face, you’re not really paying attention.

Nothing says “I’m rad” like getting the shot with the whippet in it.

A foot of fluff on blue glacial ice on top of Resplendent

Taking a gander at the north face would have been cool but no one was interested in testing those cornices sitting on 2000’ of air.


Through a crevassed area between icefalls.   Don’t stop next to me, please.

The powder had apparently all blown to Saskatchewan.   Good for ski mtneering though.

More dying glacier.

Resplendent in the background, 8 air miles away. Our route followed Robson Glacier behind Rearguard mountain then up the right horizon to the peak.

[QUOTE=The Gnarwhale;2382367]North Face on the left and Emperor Face on the right.  Probably the scariest, proudest line I’ve ever seen.

Rule No 1: All photos taken within the Park must include Robson somewhere in the composition.

SPF Infinity

Wait, is that the pee bottle?

Whitehorn in the background.

Springtime meadow skippery off Mt Anne-Alice.

Huge exposure on either side of the ridge, though the ridgetop was so wide it was hard to believe it was there.

breakin the law

Wrapped up warm and tight, like a fat twinky for the grizzle bears

I skied to the summit gendarme on Mumm Pk then down perfect corn

…While Ricky and Dicky endorsed to the less popular “Sleep now, ski when you’re dead” mantra

Fresh tracks yes, but are they from a normal griz or one a them a super natural bears the signs warned about?

The view from the Hargreaves Shelter

Springtime in the Rockies?

Skating away on questionable ice after a warm, overcast night

Edge polisher

Took the interesting way home.  The car is ~13 miles away just past Cinamon peak out there on the horizon.

Followed more fresh grizzle bear sign for a couple clicks down the trail. Heeeeeyyyyy Bear!

Twenty hours of driving later and we’re back in the land of plural marriage.  Speaking of marriage, if any Canukistani citizens are looking to marry a Yank please send a PM.  Thanks.